Spectacle is a monthly Brooklyn-based online magazine focusing on society, culture, and the best of what life has to offer.

Spectacle is published by Stoler & Stoler Publishing, a Stoler & Stoler Ubiquity company.


Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Mike Cherepko

Society Editor Mike Cherepko
Culture Editor Mike Cherepko
Lifestyle Editor Mike Cherepko
Contributing Editor Eleanor Roosevelt

Art Director Mike Cherepko
Photo Editor Mike Cherepko
Infographic Editor Ravi Varma
Contributing Photographers Sumit Agarwal, Rachel Baksa, Timmy Cherepko, Lisa Filipek, Margot Inzetta, Kristy King, Bill Luken, Lewis Rawlings, Heidi Treichel, Andrew Warman

Test Kitchen Director Mike Cherepko
Writer Mike Cherepko
Web Design Mike Cherepko
Copy Editors Mike Cherepko, Timmy Cherepko, Lisa Filipek, Laura Podolnick

Business Manager Flotsam Gregory
General Counsel Stoler & Stoler Attorneys-at-Law